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Speakers/ Workshops:

10:00 "Opening Ceremonial Clearing

On-Going Activities

Scented Playdough

Labyrinth Walk

Drum Circle 

Child/ Adult Coloring












6:00 closing

Guests and Vendors TBA:

Jo Graybeal, I work with a group of non-physicals who call themselves the "Council of Twelve." Their energy is loving and gentle. They offer practical guidance for the evolutionary time in which we live.


Graybear Working with these guides he can provide a bigger picture and advise you on your life purpose, how to work with the universe and how our actions can affect the higher realms.

The Rock Shop Mineral, Quartz & Crystal for Sale: Fort Walton Your source for natural crystals, fossils, minerals, Crystals, Selenite, Tourmaline, Amethyst, Citrine and more. Also Silver Pendants, Rings and Earrings with natural stones. Click to shop!

Angel Guidance with Pamela Anne Gifted intuitive angel/tarot card reader providing divine guidance to lift you on your journey.

Wild Dyes are created exclusively by Artist Kirsten Ogden AKA Tie Dye Kris I Create Fabulous One of A Kind Clothing and Accessories Hand Dyed or Hand Crafted.

Margie Anderson Tarot Reader/Spirit Crystal Healing Bags and Dreamcatchers Designs By Night Bird - Owner of Crystal


Susan Giangiulio owner of Back to Basic Wellness in Navarre will be offering personalized emotional healing utilizing The Emotion Code and/or The LifeLine Technique healing modalities.

Lifting Up Spirits The Wheels of Life, your Chakra's. Handcrafted leather and natural stone Chakra jewelry to bring balance and healing to your life everyday."

Clara Bayer is a doctor of Naturopathy, Certified Natural Healthcare Professional, Digestive Health Specialist, Registered and Board Certified Polarity Practitioner, and Holistic Iridologist.

Truth Keys Spiritually cleansed and Blessed antique keys used to enhance your connection to spirit through positive energy.

Truth Keys By Zowie Starr Intuitive Jewelry made by an Energy reader and Reiki healer

Grace Jaeger, Purveyor of Metaphysical Services. Medium, psychic, animal psychic, healer, channel, an ordained minister. "

Angel B Auras Imagery ~Aura Photography, with intuitive reading

Holistic Wellness for the Mind, Body, Soul. Services include Reiki, Reiki Training, Asian Bio-Energetic Therapy, Rapid Transformation Coaching, Healing with Yoga Nidra, Meditation, and more.

LIVE YOUR YELLOW BRICK ROAD Live Your Yellow Brick Road is about YOU, living your life to the fullest.


Phone : 850 941 4321

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Location : Sanders Beach-Corinne Jones Resource Center, 913 South I Street, Pensacola, FL 32502


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